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Fowey Town Parish Council
Gribbin Head near Fowey


Sport and Social

Beach Cleaners

Roger & Sue Simpson

Tel: 01726 832932


Organised by Fowey Parish Church
Fridays 10.30 - 12.00 in the Royal British Legion

Tel: 01726 833091

Chapter & Verse Book Group

Ring Helen on 01726 833378 for details

Edward Bear Club for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School

Thursdays 10.00 & 10.30 Church & Parish Hall

Tel: Parish Office 01726 833091

Fowey & District Fuchsia & Garden Society

Secretary: Mrs. Frances Day, Tel: 01726 832248

Email     Website

Fowey Bellringers

Tower Captain Ken Jones

Tel: 01726 833108

Fowey Cricket Club

President: Ian Crapp
Hon. Secretary: Edward Leverton


Fowey Festival of Words & Music

Tel: 01726 833847

Email     Website

Fowey Funnybone Youth Theatre

Chairman: Ken Jones, Tel: 01726 833108


Fowey Gallants Sailing Club

Clubhouse: 01726 32335

Email     Website

Fowey Harbour Heritage Society

Secretary: Angie Crown Tel: 01726 870457

Email     Website

Fowey in Bloom

Secretary: Mrs. Frances Day, Tel: 01726 832248

Fowey Memory Cafe at the Library

Ring Heather on 01726 832145 for details

Fowey River Canoe Club

Secretary: Emma Pearce

Tel: 07973 265030


Fowey River Lions

President: John Sweet Tel: 01726 810811
Secretary: Alistair Barr Tel: 01726 832454


Fowey Royal Regatta

Chairman: Graham Jane, Tel: 001726 832133

Email     Website

Fowey Sports Hub

General Manager: Paul Smith

01726 833931

Email     Website

Fowey Town Choir

Ring Janet Howard on 01726 832405 for details

Fowey W.I.

Ring Heather Hunt on 01726 832595 for details


Friends of Fowey Estuary

Ring Jane Richards on 01726 810998 for details
or Terry Eisler 01726 832036 for Events

Email     Website

River Fowey Gig Club

Contact: Richard Biddle at email address below

Email     Website

Royal Fowey Yacht Club

Club Office 01726 833573


St. Fimbarrus Fellowship

Ring Ann on 01726 832262 for details

Troy Players

Ring Chairman Jules Jonklaas 01726 812700 for details


Who Let the Dads Out?

Dads & Kids Group for pre-school children organised by Fowey Parish Church


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