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Fowey to Bodinnick Ferry leaving Caffa Mill

Allotments and Footpaths


The Town Council Allotments are situated at Readymoney and have increased in number to 29 with the acquisition of the adjacent field, known locally as One Acre Meadow, in 2013 when Fowey Town Council  took back ownership from Cornwall Council.

They are managed through the Council's Environment Committee and are monitored regularly.  Plot holders are contacted if their plot appears to be falling below standard through not being cultivated.

Tenancies commence on the 1st April and Application must be made to the Town Clerk, whose contact details are below.


The Environment Committee is also responsible for the maintenance of the footpaths in and around Fowey Parish, including Cornwall Council designated Gold Footpaths, and areas of the Saints Way within the Parish boundaries. However, Cornwall Council remains accountable for The Parade in Fowey.

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